Sirius Session #2


(these first series are taken from Lunar Wizard/Electric Storm years 2007 – 2008)

RQ: Greetings, we are here with Valum Votan in the post-historic, post-apocalyptic 2012 chat room and we are here to see what he remembers. Today is the Blue Crystal Hand, so we will begin our interview by talking about the Rainbow Bridge project and how that has put us into a whole other reality. Can you tell me, when did you first hear or know about the rainbow bridge?

VV: In the present incarnation, of course, the rainbow bridge was first remembered to me in the Lunar Seed year, in fall 1981, some six years before the Harmonic Convergence event. This was the time for it to be remembered because now the factors had gone into play to bring me into this present incarnation of being accelerated and brought into consciousness.

RQ: But this program existed before…

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