The waste “problem”

The waste problem is not a problem!

When we demonstrated against nuclear bombs, “the baby was thrown out with the bathwater” and too many were tricked to be against nuclear power as well.
In connection with the ongoing struggle to demonize nuclear power, the discussion about the waste became totally disconnected from reality.
In a way, what is called the waste problem is not an engineering task, but a task for psychologists or others.

Almost no matter what you do and how well it is handled, there will always be some self-proclaimed environmentalists who invent new and absurd objections in order to call for more security.
Despite repeated explanations from many sources and requests for clarification, the ‘green organizations’, mostly Greenpeace, continue to present obviously misleading ‘information’ about nuclear power. For the time being this misinformation concentrates on waste management.

This is the reason for the following, which is an…

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