The chase

Boy text via mobile to meet in a city were she lives. City girl is 3 hours ahead from boy on text. The weather is the starting of autumn, moon is deer. Girl pretends to try interest to remember how is to meet someone out of her 5 year isolation. Everything its changed for her as no memory or the indiference itself making a turn and dissolve. As dying everytime to shift has become a habit.
Girl has a new power in her, a powerful light no one ever can shine but her iniciation has enlight her in all ways.

[Ring phone on bed]
Text msg: I am coming next week i promise no doubt i need to visit you.

Girl looks at the message shining of an emotion not classify as a feeling.
[mute voice]
If you ever
stay with a single whatsapp image for a second..
This boy brings the mind game all around
Girl looks at the window.
Fall on the bed and flow down the abysm.
Black screen enters

Many codes on her.
An image of traffic codes.

Screen opens in a round table

The table are sitting aliens comunicators, looking at the dream of girl, inspection.
Robot voice: Its part of a human being to interconnect, to share with others.
Pleiadian: If only could meet search on the above..
Humanoid: This girl really!
Interception: Oh comme on!

Screen enters into girls dream.
Girl thinks outloud: I only could meet search on the above..
Girl walking with her dog, sitting in a soccer field, her face looks plenty.
Girl say: after 2km, who needs to meet with trash traffic… oh wait..
Blue lights fall around her.
They are looking for you.
A voice of a robot: I’ve heard this one before.
Girl thinks: oh! another century of distortion.. no way!

Girl walks under the moonlight with her dog.
Screen opens on telephone:
Text msg.
Block user.

Screen close on black screen.

Screen opens with a big tv with data about boy
(mute voice: good girl)
(If you could knew where all this $ is coming from…)

White widow

Luz de Sol explota entre los caminos que abren la vereda
En uno soles saldran
En otros soles sangraran
Expresion de piel
como impulsos humedos que proliferan entre las flores que abren el paso
al andar
En otros impulsos han de bloquear como puertas que se cierran o el umbral perdido
que inhala la voz de la tierra sangre
Será mejor
la verdad de la flor
que fue quemada entre derrames
de hoy sol violeta
Será el ayer la información en el espacio
La inhala tenua de árboles en son de piel
Será verdad el lenguage de la flor
bella en olor, bella en sabor,
Sana, Sana, Del arbol Lagrima derrama,
Sana, Sana, el Son del Sol en Explosión.
Sana, Sana,
Sana, Sana…

Restoring the youthness

New accents emerging, ways of talkin’, expressions, trends and manners, twist and fashion.
Corners fall out, the espectors with their costume, Skull walks out, stretching the bones, a burn in their eyes when the sunrise a drill and the alarm to wake from the endless restless dream and forgiveness

Once the sun embrace you as a new born and the fog is the first sight of breath entering into a new human shape the geometries fall in a different way

Once blood is clear, the nature embrace within the sounds.

If restoring is falling a new,

The youthness is as cleanest as it can be.

It means restoting the biosphere into youthness.

As water itself

we say water i love you, thank you,
water i am sorry, I love you.

With a face of mirror, hair as flowers, bodydrawer.

Red Serpent

Moon brought you into us
where the paths merge into one
and the rivers of milk flow into the mother’s blood
Hu resonate as the sound for today harmony is the enlightment
of baby boy dont holds back the movement of a flower in constant bloom.
Chants guide you into the rivers gold of sacred energy brought within your presence.
Consecutive time of the endless path of being born into the correct universal frequency resoanting by the invation of the navigation about time and space merging from natures life.
Solar torment of light flux in my eyes as gold reflects the chants of this words.
Red serpent across the aritmetic of the geometry of life into the field of mind becomes a less priority when you become one with the doors transforming its patterns of life.
Liberation is the red serpent coming across us.


When the knowledge of the soul is downloaded and or available the only effect is double by gaining its presence inside the personality of the person it is a sharpen effect of biodecodification as if the chakras that save this information are decoded to shift and reprogram into confidence of the human being capable to know now about its eternal success.

The Soul is a form of energy pulling us to have a human existance for fulfillment.

Amniotic rivers of our existance
Codify union for trascendance
Teachers to answer the gap of the past
Eyes of protection left in the roadways i trace
Hurus shape between triangles of Giza
stargates and geometries falling in copper
Realigning shapes of similarity
Flowers of life
Numbers of gold.
Echoes in chamber of Pharao
Recharge from the void as a pendular movement
Red clan trayectorie for the divine in nurishment Our souls revive.

Redirecting our emotions
transmutating our mind
Exhaling the breath of life
Smokey Rocks Hot from Fire
Herbs and Water entering door of Grandmother
Purify the chants of this mind waves from a Misissippi River
Recive the face of the Sun into Horus Eye of Protection.



A gate of water opens and the dolphins are swimming in the Arizona desert or in the utha waterfalls or perhabs in the jordanian rocky mountains, ready, set, go! water fall in the rocky tubes and dolphins are laughing swimming having fun, and they are laughing invitining me to laugh with them among the waters.

My DNA is transformative

Not sure why myself is expressing better in this second language that has taken of me all my being, all the personality of myself tunes better in this language, so easy to express and to commit within among this letters pronouncing inside this Net.

My DNA is transformative, for the first time of my life my eyes are totally center, my inner core is realigning deeply every day, i can say that i appreciate being one with my surroundings when there is no other heavy pose of distraction as other kind of resonance and waves of technologie with loud noise, i perceive myself almost how i like it.

I say almost BECAUSE this place i am living is loud in a way of people enters in monotonic actions and it is to easy to complain about how other is in case is different than the complainer. Its being very difficult as a stong empath i consider myself so attune with any one infront of me, its being difficult to place myself inside my only self core, cause´this place invites you to be outloud singing and expulsing thyself instead of being within. In other instance it is also the place where i had align within the must and for some kind of reason my mind reacts this way serching for a mechanism to keep myself center and quiet.

My body interacts with all species, there is a constant clean, i have a blue liquid reververating in my excretor system, it feels so clean and healthy, it is also painful, so painful when other kind gives this to my body, not sure why but some times is even orgasmic, depending if my body needs it, my mind its controled inside a duome where my body is placed to experiment and study my DNA and reactions, the software system is now close and the distortion its apparently dissolving, some other details must need to fix. I am sure my DNA is inside a PCR constantly detecting any change and vulnerability.

It is an important time for me, and it seems everyone is and everyone is not. It was difficult to accept this changes in my body and the interaction with others became very uncomfortable, people joke around and it was very painful until i totally gain indiference about anything that is not about being center and truthful.

This beings are not necesary from this planet, they had show me some things from theirs and sincronize with all i want to know, there is a place up there where there are many different kind of species, all of them i’ve being with, some are monsters, some other run away from those, i saw them running away after their visit me, i am still not capable to know what i am doing around this, i consider other life in between, or what is the propose of this behind me.

There is a very important step on the fact of BEING together, by BEING together it means ALL in a same tone, sincornize as geometric figures falling to protect the auric field of this earth, the auric field of my existance, prudence allign coherence in my mind.

For this reason my solar plexus is the light of all.


Geodesic is the place i want to be.

A shadow of a clumsy man poses infront of me with distractive movements, its trayectorie speaks to me in a language about to comence in the moment of my lectures, that precise moment of vision and imagination that impulses me must of the time with creativity, so..

The shadow of distractive movements is only capable to disconect from my path far so on, so on , far so on.

Geodesic is the place i want to be.